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Project 1- Electronica Album
I'm putting together an electronica album. This album is going to have 12 tunes composed by me, with each tune incorporating very different musical concepts and ideas. This is going to be hot!

Project 2 - Jazz Album
I'm playing saxophone, piano, bass, and drums on this one. Inspired by Oscar Peterson Trio and John Coltrane, this album is going to have 9 tunes composed by me, with each tune expressing different aspects of love. From the joys, the pains, and the sometimes puzzling aspects of love, it's captured in slow to mid tempo, small combo jazz pieces. I've managed to record the saxophone tracks at Renah Wolzinger's recording studio in Huntington Beach. Thanks a bunch Renah!

Project 3 - South Coast Party Machine
I'm playing saxophone and violin in this wonderful band. Lead by Renah Wolzinger, you can find out about this talented group at

Project 4 - Music Library
This project is long term. I've partnered up with I'll be promoting, marketing, and selling my music through them. I have over 100 tracks ready to be licensed for your production, large or small.

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

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